Charge rate seems to be very slow for Model 3 Supercharging… but the mileage seems pretty good!

After seeing the pictures that Reddit user YouYouXue posted, we can gather some useful data from one of the pictures.

The picture of the touchscreen dash very clearly shows the supercharger charging rate, how many miles of charge are in the battery currently, and how many minutes remain to fill up the battery fully. Doing some simple math, it turns out that the max charge seems to be about 235 miles per a full charge! Not too bad!

However, the supercharger charging rate seems to be pretty slow, at only 169 miles of charge per hour. That means for a full 0 to 235 mile charge cycle, a supercharger would take about 83 minutes! Some people are saying that is ok because this number fluctuates from one charger to the next, but that should not be the case with Tesla superchargers.

Model 3 release candidate showing the charging screen while supercharging.

Will the $35,000 base Tesla Model 3 have leather or cloth seats?

All of the interior pictures that we have seen so far seem to be leather, but there is a growing concern among many I have spoken with that leather is not likely going to come standard. If there aren’t any options at launch, that means the majority of buyers will be forced to go with cloth seats, which is a major deterrent to many. Which means that the first set of cars produced this year prior to any options being available will likely not be the $35,000 base Model 3, but instead, a slightly higher priced Model 3 with leather seats.

What do you think?

One of the latest interior shots of a Model 3 release candidate which clearly shows an all leather seat.

Tesla is reportedly creating its own music streaming service

According to Recode, Tesla is attempting to start it’s own Streaming Music service. Makes sense. From a financial standpoint, this would help make the internet connection in every Tesla vehicle potentially profitable instead of actually leaching money from Tesla.

I’m predicting this service will be part of a subscription that allows you to get more bandwidth with your vehicle’s on-board internet, or perhaps use it at all for purposes other than software updates. Pairing to a phone with a data connection will likely be required to use general search, streaming music, etc. without the subscription. Navigational searching will likely still be free to use regardless, due to the Tesla network needing this data for level 4 or 5 autonomous driving. Again, just a prediction.

Tesla’s 8.1 Software Update

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